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With a nod to the whimsy of "Alice in Wonderland" the Spicher and Company - Vintage Vinyl Floor Cloths We are All Mad Here Area floor cloth provides high interest to any space with its mesmerizing spiral pattern.

  • Please Note: Each floor cloth goes through a unique printing process, possibly resulting in some color variation.
  • Artist Kolene Spicher provides the genius behind the concept designs of these capativating Vintage Vinyl floor cloths.
  • Make a statement in the kitchen or entry with this eye-catching floor covering available in a myriad of sizes to fit your space.
  • Made of two-ply vinyl with a 1/16" thickness, this floor covering can easily fit under most doorways.
  • Vintage Vinyl floor coverings are made to withstand high traffic but are not indestructible, use with reasonable caution.
  • Made in United States.

Vinyl Rug - We're All Mad Here