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Inspired by math, geometry and science, the Spicher and Company - Vintage Vinyl Floor Cloths Madame Curie Area floor cloth is a lovely example of old school vintage floor cloths for indoors and out.

  • Please Note: Each floor cloth goes through a unique printing process, possibly resulting in some color variation.
  • Spicher graphic designers create each floor cloth with an original vintage inspired design for the most unique look possible.
  • Available in a myriad of popular shapes and sizes, this floor covering is sure to fit your room or outdoor space.
  • Based on old linoleum and vintage floor cloth designs, these pieces are recreated in materials of vinyl and latex.
  • If placed outdoors, make sure to keep the floor cloth dry on both sides to prevent mold and mildew.
  • Made in United States.

Vinyl Rug - Madame Curie